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Welcome to Sandalwood Resources

(previously Australia Nuts)

Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) is a native, drought hardy, parasitic tree that requires a neighbouring host tree upon which to connect. The most common host is Acacia acuminata but other Acacia species are used as well. Sandalwood’s highly aromatic timber was Western Australia’s first export commodity and continues to be in high demand in India and China. Oil rich nuts are produced by Sandalwood from age four and have recently found favour in the global cosmeceutical sector. Nut oil and protein isolates have both been found to have applications in a wide range of cosmetic products.

Like most important agricultural tree crops, Australian Sandalwood has a healthy appetite for nitrogen (the fossil fuel fertiliser), and this need can be fulfilled through entirely organic means. Acacia trees are leguminous that can biologically produce nitrogen, and make excellent, drought hardy hosts. Through connections to the Acacia’s root system, Sandalwood accesses water, nitrogen and other essential nutrients.

Sandalwood plantings are biologically diverse with recolonisation by native mammals, birds, lizards and insects occurring quickly. Mature plantings are able to be grazed with sheep during winter months when weeds are actively growing. Sandalwood Resources use miniature sheep that are better suited to grazing tree plantations. Environmental challenges such as salinity and excessive carbon emissions are being dealt with in a manner that becomes profitable for the farmer. This is a great example of linking profitability and sustainability in agriculture.

Sandalwood Resources has been planting sandalwood since 1999, with many successes and mistakes realised along the way. However after more than a decade, an intimate knowledge has been earned which has helped refine goals in our sandalwood nut and miniature sheep (Babydoll Southdown) breeding program. We are now ready to share these with others.

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